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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Friday, January 22, 2010

A custom search engine to search all classified ads or all of craigslist.

It's still experimental at this point. The search engine can add site that are on unrelated topics and sites. To prevent this add the key words "For Sale" or "wanted" when appropriate . To seach all active listings say on craigslist ad the word "craigslist" in the search key word box. Try searching for "Avocados". It brings up my "chestnut" ads but also sites that sell chestnuts that are not on the listed online classified ad sites. add or subtract a key word to get what you want with less google spam with this site. I searched for 640 acres and the search did find a couple of properties in various states with exactly that many acres. if you wanted acres in Oregon add both those words as key words or if you want acres in ten different states and not others add the names of those states. The system will search ads not only on craigslist but all the biggest search engines already listed in search terms. I tried adding the word "classified" and it seemed to limit some sites that were not ads. The search engine can also pick up expired ads on craiglist. I may be able to exclude those later to improve the ulitity. Try it. Got ideas to fix it for the better or to add a classified online ad site it is missing let me know.